Blue Marlins Meet Results 2010





Team Score Team Score Result
6/10/06 North Hills   Hunters Woods 436 Lost
6/17/06 Glade 431 Hunters Woods 526 Won
6/24/06 Lake Audubon 610 Hunters Woods 500 Lost
7/1/06 Bye   Hunters Woods    
7/8/06 Ridge Heights 549 Hunters Woods 505 Lost
7/15/06 Autumnwood 657 Hunters Woods 471 Lost
7/23/06 Lake Anne 547 Hunters Woods 524 Lost

 Swimmers can opt to compete in the Individual Medley (IM) Meet on July 19th and based on their times, may qualify for the All Star meet on July 29th

Ribbons at regular meets are awarded based on A, B, and C times, so every swimmer's  effort contributes to the success of the team.

Please notify a Team Manager either in writing or by email at least one week in advance, if you will miss a meet.  Messages can be placed in the managers’ box located on the picnic table during any and all practices.